CPSM Testimonials

    Testimonial from Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM, Vice President at JDB ENGINEERING, INC.
    I was one of the original certified marketing professionals when the program launched in 1993 – back then there were two categories for certification: Marketing Professional (MP) and Senior Marketing Professional (SMP).  I was proud to be one of the original MPs because I felt it gave me a much-needed credential in an industrial filled with licenses and certifications.  The certification program has matured greatly since that time, and I think that today’s CPSM designation is a critical component of our profession.  For companies seeking a marketer or business developer with demonstrated success in the A/E/C industry, the CPSM certification should be part of the job description. 

    For me, personally, being a long-time CPSM opened the door to become a Fellow of SMPS.  Since I was named a Fellow in 2011, I’ve become a Trustee of the SMPS Foundation; presented or co-presented at eight SMPS chapters, six times at SMPS regional conferences, six times at Build Business, and to several national conferences including Associated General Contractors (AGC) and American Consulting Engineers Council (ACEC).  Additionally, in recent years I’ve authored more than a dozen articles published by industry media in publications such as MarketerProfessional Services Management JournalThe Zweig Letter, and A/E Marketing Journal.  Much of this success was made possible because of my experience and credentials – specifically being a Certified Professional Services Marketer, which was a great stepping stone for my career.  I’m also a principal in my firm and chief marketing officer of three affiliate companies.   I’m able to speak to industry groups and write articles for publication in part because of my CPSM credential.  I was able to become a Fellow and SMPS Foundation Trustee in part because of my certification – and my ongoing activities to maintain that certification.  CPSM is not a means to an end; rather, it is an integral element for any professional services marketer’s career strategy.

    Testimonial from Amy Collins, CPSM, Marketing Manager at Wagman Construction, Inc.
    Over a decade ago, I relocated to Central Pennsylvania from California. Having my CPSM certification really helped to highlight my expertise in professional services marketing to potential employers in the AEC industry. Ongoing, the recertification process keeps me up to speed on the latest industry trends and helps me raise the bar of the work products of myself and my team.

    Testimonial from Heather Sweitzer, CPSM, Marketing Manager at NTM Engineering, Inc.
    As a person that is drawn to the learning environment, I felt that certification would be a great move in my career. Not only did I learn about best practices from across the country, but I was also able to build my confidence in the recommendations that I give to my own firm. It was a learning experience that has been invaluable to me personally, my career, and my continued growth through professional development for many years to come. 

    Testimonial from Amy Meadows, CPSM, Marketing Specialist at Reynolds Enterprises
    Studying for the CPSM gave me reason to read about and study areas of marketing that I was not active in. Since passing the CPSM, I have been more confident in pursuing projects in domains I previously did not have experience in.  

    Testimonial from Jeffery Lynch, CPSM, President of West Creek Associates, LLC
    The credentials of the architects, engineers, project managers, and estimators in our industry demonstrate to our clients the capabilities of these people to provide the very best professional service. Likewise, the CPSM designation demonstrates the professional capabilities of business developers, marketing managers, marketing coordinators, and others involved with the increasingly complex business acquisition roles, so important to maintaining a healthy backlog of work for our companies.

    Testimonial from Anne Miller, CPSM, Marketing Director at Kinsley Construction, Inc.
    By participating in the CPSM Mentor Program and studying for the CPSM exam, I furthered my understanding of my responsibilities and expanded my marketing and business development toolbox.  In addition, it gave me an understanding of marketing and business development concepts that were outside my immediate realm of responsibility.   My improved skills and expanded knowledge benefitted my employer as we implemented more effective approaches to our marketing and business development activities. 

    Having my CPSM has provided me with instant credibility among my peers.  Whether teaming with another firm on a project pursuit or working to expand my personal network, the recognition of the CPSM designation can quickly open doors, start conversations, and develop relationships.

    Testimonial from Betty Helms, FSMPS at Betty Helms & Associates and Past President of SMPS Philadelphia Chapter
    As a marketing consultant, having the designation Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) attached to my name has been valuable.  Those initials add credibility to my qualifications and experience.  Go for it!  It is an important step to achieving your professional goals.

    Testimonial from Kathy Baldwin, CPSM, Marketing Specialist, at Gannett Fleming, Inc.
    My CPSM certification illustrates my commitment to professional growth and development to my clients. It demonstrates my dedication to the profession and improves my ability to be my client’s trusted marketing advisor. 

    Testimonials from SMPS National Past Presidents:
    "When I decided to take the CPSM exam, I was doing it for the personal satisfaction of knowing that I have achieved the highest level of certification the industry has to offer. That's the overachiever in me. Then something very odd began to happen. People in my firm began to take me more seriously with the initials following my name. No one knew what it meant, but they were not afraid to ask and I would answer, it means I'm really good at what I do. Before long, they started believing it. Notice my title below, I'm told the CPSM designation had something to do with that." - Scott Milder, CPSM, Vice President, Communications, SHW Group Architects, Dallas, TX, 2003 SMPS National Chapter President of the Year

    Testimonial from Peter Kienle, FSMPS, CPSM
    Pete Kienle, FSMPS, CPSM, is the Chief Marketing Officer of McKim & Creed, P.A., a 475-person engineering, surveying and planning firm serving the Southeast United States. Pete served as the National President of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) and is a Certified Professional Services Marketer as well as a Fellow of the Society. He has a BSBA and an MBA from Ohio State University, and previously served in marketing roles for Moody-Nolan, Inc. and NBBJ, both in Columbus, OH 

    We sat down with Pete to talk with him one-on-one about his thoughts on being a CPSM. 

    CPSM: What was your motivation for becoming a CPSM? 
    KIENLE: I would have a credential just like the "professionals" I was working with - architects and engineers. 

    CPSM: Has your certification made a difference in your professional life?
    KIENLE: First, I know what I have accomplished in becoming certified - mastering the skills and acquiring the knowledge for the six domains of practice. Also, when people see my CPSM they ask what that is and I get a chance to promote certification. 

    CPSM: Does your employer support your certification? 
    KIENLE: Yes! He knows there are critical knowledge and skills that are necessary to be a professional marketer. 

    CPSM: Would you encourage others to seek certification? 
    KIENLE: Yes! There is no other way to distinguish a professional accomplished in A/E/C marketing. It is the standard for A/E/C marketing in the United States. 

    CPSM: What did you find was of most value to you in studying for the exam? 
    KIENLE: All the books and articles were excellent! I found out about areas I do not routinely work in. 

    CPSM: What advice would you give to future certification candidates to help them prepare for the CPSM examination? 
    KIENLE: Read the material, start a study group, and have a plan for certification. Without a plan, it will be very difficult to discipline yourself to prepare for the exam. 

    CPSM: How does your local SMPS Chapter support the certification program? 
    KIENLE: Our Chapter is now starting its first study group and certification is promoted at the monthly meetings of the Chapter. 

    CPSM: Would you be likely to maintain your certification if you left the A/E/C industry? 
    KIENLE: Certainly! A certification in professional services marketing is a valuable qualification in today's world.



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