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President's Message

It’s time to pass on the baton and it’s with gratitude and honor that I do this. I am thankful to have been part of such a wonderful team this past year. I am so appreciative of having the opportunity to have worked with my board members such as Past President, Brooke Wenger; President-Elect, Shawn Barron; Secretary, Jennifer Smyers; Treasurer, Amy (Money Bags) Meadows; and Director-at-Large, Cristina Barnes. I also want to thank the Committee Chairs and members for their assistance and guidance because without their participation, our organization would not be the same. Heather Sweitzer, Member Chair; Melissa Yost, Communications Chair; Cristina Barnes, Programs Chair, and many others like Amy Collins, Lisa Hayes, Matthew Bachert, Jacque Foster, Loren McClosky, and Ashleigh Fiorino.

I also want to thank our annual sponsors and program sponsors. Without them, we would not be able to provide such a variety of programs for our members. It was such an exciting year with new programs, sponsoring new charity events, tours, and introducing new speakers. It was busy but I can tell you that I’ve learned so much just being a part of this group. Not only becoming a better leader, but a better person because of the people I had a chance to work with.

I’m so excited to work with the upcoming Board of Directors. We just had our programs group put together an awesome list of programs of what is coming down the pipeline. You’re going to love it! Keep your eyes and ears open, watch for our emails, and check out our website! As with our previous year, we are continuing to grow and provide even more programs that you’ll definitely want to attend.

Thank you for your support!

Very truly yours,
Julie Hungarter
2016-2017 SMPS Central Pennsylvania Chapter President

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Upcoming Events

We have a lot of exciting events coming up this year and we hope to see you there! Click on the hyperlink for registration details and visit our website often for updates!


Leverage your Beverage with SMPS CPA: End of Summer Networking Event

Join us for our end of summer networking event! Registration includes light hors d'oeuvres, beverages, and lots of networking opportunites.

Register Now


A/E/C Golfing "Fore" Business 4-Person Scramble to benefit Youth Services Bureau

A/E/C Industry Golfing "Fore" Business 4-Person Scramble to Benefit Youth Services Bureau. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to get some one-on-one time with your clients and treat them to golf at the same time.

Register Now


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Help Wanted!
















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Special Announcement!

Complete the application found here and submit by:

Email (credit card):
Fax (credit card): 703.549.2498
Mail (check): SMPS Headquarters, 123 N. Pitt Street, Suite 400, Alexandria, VA 22314 

To receive this exclusive rate, you must use this special offer application only. If you have any questions, please contact Membership Chair, Heather Sweitzer at

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Welcome New Members

Brad Olena, Director of Recruitment
Summit Technology Consulting Group

Get to know one of our newest members:
Leah Williams, Marketing Coordinator
Stahl Sheaffer Engineering

Leah has been obsessed with writing ever since she learned how to write her name. She finds this passion to be most fulfilled when combined with her love for writing and editing with today's technology. She is always eager to practice and develop skills at Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, blog development and social media account management. She is thrilled and blessed to be a part of the team at Stahl Sheaffer Engineering, LLC as a marketing coordinator.


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Member Spotlight

Name: Kristen Troxell
Title: Marketing Coordinator
Firm: Benchmark Construction Company, Inc.
# of years in the A/E/C industry: 4.5
Role with Central PA SMPS: New Role as of August 11th - Social Media Coordinator

  1. How long have you been a member of SMPS? 1 year
  2. Why did you become a member? I wanted to become a member for the networking and for the educational opportunities. I enjoy going out and getting to know new people especially in this industry.
  3. Who, if anyone, invited you to your first meeting? I believe, Brooke Wagner, invited a co-worker and myself to a Harrisburg Senators game.
  4. Do you have a mentor or guide (or have you had one in the past)? no
  5. What is your favorite SMPS memory? That would have to be the Holiday Party this past December. The food drive was a great success and it was nice to see everyone bringing bags of food! It was a relaxed event so you had the opportunity to network with fellow members.
  6. Of the other regular educational/networking events you attend, which would you recommend to SMPS members? I really enjoyed the New Member Orientation. I had the opportunity to sit and network with current members who could answer questions for me about the organization. The event was very valuable and a great resource.
  7. What is one thing that everybody knows you for? That I have a three-year-old son named Sam who keep me on my toes! I enjoy making new memories every day and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
  8. What is one thing that might surprise people to know about you? In my spare time, I sell Premier Designs jewelry. To bling or not to bling, is that even a question?
  9. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I would say to be more spontaneous and not always have to stick to a schedule or have something planned.
  10. What did you study in college? Marketing
  11. What would you study in college now? I would study Marketing again but would also focus on learning more about Graphic Design.
  12. What are your hobbies & interests outside of the office and SMPS? I play second base for Benchmark’s softball team that runs through the Lancaster Rec Center every April through August. I also enjoy family time with my husband and son, going to Rehoboth Beach and catching up with friends.
  13. What is the one movie you have to watch if you run across it on your TV? I would have to say Cruel Intentions. Who doesn’t love Ryan Phillippe?
  14. Do you have any advice, secrets to success or guiding thoughts? We all need people in our lives who raise our standards, remind us of our essential purpose, and challenge us to become the best version of ourselves.

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SMPS Central PA DVD Library

Attention CPSMers!

All those late nights reading the Marketing Handbook/MARKENDIUM and taking sample exams before work have paid off. You passed the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) exam and added those coveted CPSM initials after your name on your business cards and email tagline. Yippee! You are set for three years until you have to renew the certification. Three years to earn 50 continuing education unit (CEU) credits to maintain that CPSM status. Piece of cake, right?

But, it is amazing how fast those three years fly by. Even if you attend many of the SMPS Central PA educational events, you typically only earn one CEU credit per event. So, what is that, maybe 10 CEU credits a year? You could go to an SMPS regional or national conference and earn CEUs. Sure, that helps. But attending the national SMPS Build Business conference only earns you 10-12 CEUs.

We have a solution to your 50 CEU credits dilemma. Earn CEUs by watching the DVDs in our DVD Library. All you have to do is watch one of the DVDs, have a third party (your boss or subordinate) verify that you watched the DVD, and then forward the CEU form that comes with each DVD to SMPS National for credit. Each DVD in our collection earns you 1.5 CEUs. So, make this the summer of CEUs and start earning now! To borrow a DVD, just email Available titles include:

  1. The Art & Science of Proposal Leadership

  2. Become a Creative Superhero: How to Boost Your Creativity

  3. Beyond Proposals: Marketing Practices that Pay Off in a Down Market

  4. Beyond Strategic Planning: Competitive Strategies to Build

  5. Capitalizing on Referrals in Your Marketing Plan

  6. A Dozen Surefire Tips to Keep Your Audience from Tuning You Out

  7. The Introvert’s Secret to Networking

  8. It Takes a Village: Building Collaboration on Project Data Management

  9. Leveraging Client Needs in Marketing Sustainable Design

  10. Leveraging Your Skills: Building Value for Your Firm (and Your Career) Beyond the Marketing Role

  11. Making the Cut! A Key to Understanding the Unspoken Requirements of an RFP

  12. Marketing Research – What Does Your Competition Know that You Don’t?

  13. Mastering the Hidden Web: Uncovering Valuable Data about Clients and Competitors Us

  14. Natural Networking: 10 Tips to Increase Your Face-to-Face Mojo (Excellent for Introverts, Shrinking Violets, Geeks, and Shy Guys) Us

  15. Pitch to Win: A Complete Approach to Pursuing Business, Making the Shortlist, and Winning When Opportunities are Scarce

  16. Project Staff Getting Repeat Work

  17. Relationship-Based Business Development

  18. RFPs Suck! How to Develop Winning Proposal Strategies

  19. Selling Has Nothing to Do with Selling

  20. Strategizing Winning Proposals from Value Proposition to Differentiation – on Deadline s

  21. Using the Web to Brand Your Firm: Client and Consultant Recount a Major Website Overhaul

  22. Win Federal Contracts in an Uncertain Economy: SF330 Form Secrets to Getting Shortlisted

  23. Winning Strategies for Powerful Project Interviews, Q&A Sessions, and Owner Debriefings

  24. How to Write a Winning Proposal for Government

Consider gathering a group to watch the DVDs, as they serve as excellent professional development and skill building resources for all marketing professionals.


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Consider promoting your firm and supporting SMPS Central PA! 

We invite you to explore our sponsorship benefits which are designed to provide your firm with the highest level of visibility and awareness.


SMPS Central PA is the premier source for education, resources, networking, and information exchange for marketers in the A/E/C industry.

Almost half of our members hold senior level positions with their firms, meaning our sponsors receive prime exposure to many potential business partners and decision makers. In addition, our email distribution list includes more than 700 friends.


Sponsoring SMPS Central PA means supporting your firm in its efforts to gain maximum exposure throughout the Central Pennsylvania A/E/C community. Now is the time to cultivate new and existing relationships and promote your firm! SMPS Central PA could not survive without the support of our sponsors. and we are extremely grateful for their generosity.

Check out our sponsorship brochure to learn more!

Thank you to those firms that have already offered their support of SMPS Central PA for the 2016-2017 year: Rettew, CORE Design Group, Providence Engineering Corporation, and Stahl Sheaffer Engineering as annual platinum sponsors, and Triad Engineering andRS Mowery & Sons as annual gold sponsors. 

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Committee Schedules

Want to get involved with our chapter? Whether you are a new member or have been one of our treasured members for years, we welcome anyone and everyone that would like to help out in our chapter in some way! Not sure where you would like to assist? Attend one (or all!) of the committee meetings and see where you might be able to put your skills to use! We are now posting our committee meeting schedules on our website under the About Us>Committees and Chairs section, found here. If you would like more information, contact any of the committee chairs. Their information can also be found on the Committees and Chairs page.

Current Committee Meeting Schedule

Membership Committee: Conference call on the last Monday of each month, 2:00. For conference call information, please contact Membership Chair Heather Sweitzer,

Programs Committee Meeting: Beginning in October, the Programs Committee will meet directly following the board meetings. Please contact Programs Chair Cristina Barnes,

Communications Committee: Conference call, second Monday of each month, 2:00 pm. For information, please contact Communications Chair Melissa Yost,

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Career Advice

A/E/C Online Learning

Focused exclusively on marketing and business development for the A/E/C industry, MARKENDIUM: ONLINE LEARNING CENTER brings you the best of both worlds: e-learning and professional development.

The current catalog features a variety of courses, from content marketing and client-building to return on investment (ROI) and social media. When you participate, you can even earn SMPS CEUs, AIA LUs, and PDHs.

Consider sharing the course catalog with your bosses and telling them you have access to this training, because of their support of your SMPS membership. Another idea? Consider hosting a brownbag with your office and leading a follow-up discussion. If you have other ideas for taking advantage of the ONLINE LEARNING CENTER offering, be sure and share them with the rest of us!

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Expert Advice

The SMPS Central PA Chapter’s Board and Committee Chairs are always striving to improve and provide our members with more value through targeted, relevant programs and the latest industry information. One idea that we had was to ask you for your BIG IDEAS – what could we start to do or do better? What industry trend or challenge would you like us to explore? Could we communicate with you better or add a new section to this newsletter? No BIG IDEA is too small…the collective knowledge and creativity of our Chapter is truly tremendous, and we want to hear from you. So come on, share your BIG IDEAS with us. Send your BIG IDEAS to

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Cancellation/Refund Policy

We kindly ask that you adhere to our cancellation/refund policy to help us avoid unnecessary costs due to program no-shows. Even if a program is free, there are still costs involved with refreshments that we provide to attendees. The policy, which can be found under each program description on our website, states that cancellations made 24 hours prior to the event will be fully refunded. All other cancellations or no-shows will be invoiced for the full cost of the event.

Photos are frequently taken at our chapter events. The SMPS Central PA Chapter has the right to use photos from our events for any purpose, including but not limited to use in publications, on social media, in the newsletter, promotional materials, on the website. 

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Thank you to our 2018-2019 Annual Sponsors!