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Call to Action!

Your SMPS Central PA Board of Directors and Committee Members work hard to provide resources, programs, and opportunities to help you advance your career in the A/E/C industry. We value your input and regularly look to our members for help!

We are currently looking for volunteers for the 2017-2018 SMPS Central PA program year to serve on a committee, be a committee chair, or serve as an officer on the Board of Directors. If you want to develop and practice your leadership skills, this is the opportunity for you! We are looking to fill the following positions:

  • President-Elect

  • Treasurer

  • Director-at Large

  • Committee Chairs and Members

Check out our website under About Us for the position descriptions. If you are interested or have any questions regarding the position, please feel free to contact our current President-Elect, Shawn Barron, at

In addition to the above positions, we are currently for a Registration Coordinator. This position allows you to attend every event and helps us ensure our registration process runs smoothly. For more information, please visit the Careers page.

Also, our 2017 SMPS Membership Campaign is now in full swing! Our chapter is once again participating in the 2017SMPS Derby – Run for the Roses” membership campaign, which started on March 1st and ends May 31st. During the campaign, we aim to recruit new members and compete with other chapters for the highest growth. We are currently offering incentives to those of you who help recruit new members to our chapter! For more information on the incentives and how you can help, scroll down to the 2017 SMPS Membership Campaign section of this newsletter.

With your help and input, we will have another fantastic year of programs and opportunities!

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Upcoming Events

We have a lot of exciting events coming up this year and we hope to see you there! Click on the hyperlink for registration details and visit our website often for updates!


Marketing Your Design & Construction Technology to Win Work

Join us for an AEC Panel Discussion that will help identify how design and construction technology is impacting your projects, marketing message, hit rate, and profitability.

Register Now

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Sponsor Spotlight of the Month

Stahl Sheaffer Engineering, a multi-discipline civil and structural engineering firm, is expanding rapidly throughout Pennsylvania and neighboring states for the simple reason that our project managers and their staff meet commitments and do great work. We treasure our relationships with our clients and our teaming partners, including PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, DCNR, local municipalities, Penn State, and many architects, consultants, and private developers that are members of SMPS Central PA chapter.

We now operate from 9 locations, including five (5) offices in Pennsylvania plus a soils and materials lab, two (2) offices in Ohio, and one (1) office in West Virginia. Our staff totals 115 and continues to grow to meet the needs of our clients and their projects.

Stahl Sheaffer’s disciplines include: 

  • Building structural engineering

  • Bridge design and inspection

  • Transportation engineering

  • Land Development and survey

  • Construction inspection and administration. 

We offer many specialty areas of expertise to augment these disciplines, such as geotechnical services, environmental consulting, 360-degree LiDAR scanning, GIS services, asset management, façade inspections, and more. Stahl Sheaffer has professionals licensed or certified in these areas, including civil engineers, LEED designers, professional traffic operation engineers, Certified Bridge Safety Inspectors (C.B.S.I.), Nationally Certified Tunnel Inspectors (N.C.T.I.), construction inspectors, Professional Land Surveyors (P.L.S.), geotechnical analysts, and environmental scientists.

Visit our website to find out more about these services and the projects we have completed for higher education, oil and gas, hospitality, senior living, state agencies, and other market sectors:



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Welcome New Members

Sara Crimmel Miller
Marketing Communications Manager
Warfel Construction


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2017 SMPS Membership Campaign

Our chapter is once again participating in the 2017 “SMPS Derby – Run for the Roses” membership campaign, starting on March 1st and ending May 31st. This campaign is brought to you by our SMPS Headquarters and each chapter had a chance to submit an application.

Our contender, appropriately named Susquehanna Slew, will be racing against chapters of similar size, hoping to bring home a prize package worth betting the farm! We are racing towards a growth goal of a 8% increase.

How can you help?
We need your help in recruiting new members during this time! To help sweeten the pot, we have added our own incentives:

All CURRENT members who recruit new members during the drive will receive:
A $25 gift card

All NEW members who join in the timeframe will receive:
*One free program of your choice

Together, we can help make Susquehanna Slew the champion for Central PA!

If you have any questions, potential recruits, or ideas, please contact Heather Sweitzer, Membership Chair, at or 717.432.4425.


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Member Spotlight

Name: Lauren Herman
Title: Senior Marketing Coordinator
Firm: RK&K
# of years in the A/E/C industry: 20+
Role with Central PA SMPS: Past president (2010-11), past program committee chair

  1. How long have you been a member of SMPS? Lucky 13, I think??
  2. Why did you become a member? I was new to my role in business development and marketing and was encouraged to join so that I could gain a better understanding of what it means to market professional services and develop meaningful business relationships.
  3. Who, if anyone, invited you to your first meeting? I just signed up and showed up. I had no idea how walking into that room on that day would impact my career.
  4. Do you have a mentor or guide (or have you had one in the past)? I will say that I have been fortunate to learn from so many of my SMPS colleagues. Cliché, I know, but true.
  5. What quality does that person possess that you wish you did? The one quality they share is that they have a sense of humor not only about everyday things but the big things, too. I’ve found that having a sense of humor gives one the ability to be serious when necessary but not take things (or themselves) too seriously.
  6. What is your favorite SMPS memory? My favorite SMPS memory is something that the board did as a team during the time I served. In 2009-ish when a lot of firms were downsizing due to the economy, some of our members found themselves looking for a new opportunity. We decided that we would extend complimentary program registrations to members who had been "downsized" so that they could stay involved and maintain their professional contacts during that crucial time.
  7. Of the other regular educational/networking events you attend, which would you recommend to SMPS members? I recommend attending all types of events. You never know what connection you’ll make, whether it’s meeting a new person or gaining new insights and information.
  8. What is one thing that everybody knows you for? Flying by the seat of my pants.
  9. What is one thing that might surprise people to know about you? I’m actually quite organized.
  10. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Thinking that there are really 63 hours in one day.
  11. What did you study in college? Business administration and accounting.
  12. What would you study in college now? Orthopedic medicine.
  13. What are your hobbies & interests outside of the office and SMPS? I love running – on May 7th, I will run my second half-marathon in a year in my hometown of Pittsburgh. Spending time with my family – we enjoy attending each other’s sporting events (I have three amazing daughters who all play basketball and soccer), boating in the Chesapeake Bay during the summer, and being silly together both at home and in public.
  14. What is the one movie you have to watch if you run across it on your TV??Depends on my mood – Shawshank Redemption, Dumb and Dumber, Legally Blonde, and The Breakfast Club are definite channel stops. Any of the Rocky movies, except Rocky 5. That one was awful.
  15. Do you have any advice, secrets to success or guiding thoughts? Advice: Look for every opportunity to learn something new no matter where you are, in work and in life. Secret to success: Stand up for what you believe is right but be willing to understand and appreciate another point of view, in work and in life. Guiding thoughts: Always finish the play, in work and in life.

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Uber Conference 2017

Registration Now Open for the 2017 SMPS Northeast Regional Conference

Register now for the 2017 ÜBER Conference and members can save $50 off the regular cost of admission.

The 2017 Conference promises to be our best ÜBER ever with exciting programming on the horizon. Keynote Peter Shankman, social media, marketing, and customer service expert, will kick things off and don’t forget about our very own horse race and lots of other fun events planned for networking in the evenings in beautiful Saratoga!

Early bird registrants will receive a follow up email once our programming schedule is released to select their session and networking preferences.




For more information on the conference or pricing, please click here.

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Build Business 2017


Build Business 2017 will bring together A/E/C clients, content experts, principals, business developers, and marketers to historic Indianapolis, IN, from July 12–14, 2017 to learn from and challenge one another to think differently about business. As a participant, you will experience your choice of never-before-seen breakout sessions, provocative keynote speakers, and plenty of networking to make priceless business contacts. The JW Marriott Downtown, located in Marriott Place Indianapolis, and connected to the Indiana Convention Center, is the site of the 2017 Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Build Business conference.

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting? Take a look at our early rate flyer, with savings through January 31, 2017. Contact Christine at 571.348.2251 for details.

Central PA Chapter

If you are planning on attending Build Business this year, please contact one of the board members or email Julie Hungarter at so we can form a team and get a discount for our chapter.

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Consider promoting your firm and supporting SMPS Central PA! 

We invite you to explore our sponsorship benefits which are designed to provide your firm with the highest level of visibility and awareness.


SMPS Central PA is the premier source for education, resources, networking, and information exchange for marketers in the A/E/C industry.

Almost half of our members hold senior level positions with their firms, meaning our sponsors receive prime exposure to many potential business partners and decision makers. In addition, our email distribution list includes more than 700 friends.


Sponsoring SMPS Central PA means supporting your firm in its efforts to gain maximum exposure throughout the Central Pennsylvania A/E/C community. Now is the time to cultivate new and existing relationships and promote your firm! SMPS Central PA could not survive without the support of our sponsors. and we are extremely grateful for their generosity.

Check out our sponsorship brochure to learn more!

Thank you to those firms that have already offered their support of SMPS Central PA for the 2016-2017 year: Rettew, CORE Design Group, Providence Engineering Corporation, and Stahl Sheaffer Engineering as annual platinum sponsors, and Triad Engineering andRS Mowery & Sons as annual gold sponsors. 

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Committee Schedules

Want to get involved with our chapter? Whether you are a new member or have been one of our treasured members for years, we welcome anyone and everyone that would like to help out in our chapter in some way! Not sure where you would like to assist? Attend one (or all!) of the committee meetings and see where you might be able to put your skills to use! We are now posting our committee meeting schedules on our website under the About Us>Committees and Chairs section, found here. If you would like more information, contact any of the committee chairs. Their information can also be found on the Committees and Chairs page.

Current Committee Meeting Schedule

Membership Committee: Conference call on the last Monday of each month, 2:00. For conference call information, please contact Membership Chair Heather Sweitzer,

Programs Committee Meeting: Beginning in October, the Programs Committee will meet directly following the board meetings. Please contact Programs Chair Cristina Barnes,

Communications Committee: Conference call, second Monday of each month, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm. For information, please contact Communications Chair Melissa Yost,

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Career Advice

New Benefit

The Society recently launched ECAMPUS, which combines e-learning and professional development in a "when you want, where you want" format. From content marketing and relationship-building to ROI and social media, ECAMPUS focuses exclusively on marketing, business development, and leadership.

Watch the short tutorial, and you'll receive a coupon code for a FREE class. Then, consider sharing the course catalog with your bosses and telling them you have access to this training, because of their support of your SMPS membership. Another idea? Consider hosting a brownbag with your office and leading a follow-up discussion. If you have other ideas for taking advantage of the ECAMPUS offering, be sure and share them with the rest of us!

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Expert Advice

The SMPS Central PA Chapter’s Board and Committee Chairs are always striving to improve and provide our members with more value through targeted, relevant programs and the latest industry information. One idea that we had was to ask you for your BIG IDEAS – what could we start to do or do better? What industry trend or challenge would you like us to explore? Could we communicate with you better or add a new section to this newsletter? No BIG IDEA is too small…the collective knowledge and creativity of our Chapter is truly tremendous, and we want to hear from you. So come on, share your BIG IDEAS with us. Send your BIG IDEAS to

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Cancellation/Refund Policy

We kindly ask that you adhere to our cancellation/refund policy to help us avoid unnecessary costs due to program no-shows. Even if a program is free, there are still costs involved with refreshments that we provide to attendees. The policy, which can be found under each program description on our website, states that cancellations made 24 hours prior to the event will be fully refunded. All other cancellations or no-shows will be invoiced for the full cost of the event.

Photos are frequently taken at our chapter events. The SMPS Central PA Chapter has the right to use photos from our events for any purpose, including but not limited to use in publications, on social media, in the newsletter, promotional materials, on the website. 

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Thank you to our 2018-2019 Annual Sponsors!