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    MORNING SESSION - "Essentials of Writing with Grace and The Human Connection!" AFTERNOON SESSION - "Bring Your Presentations to Life!"

    May 15, 2019
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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    Heritage Hills Golf Resort & Conference Center
    2700 Mount Rose Avenue
    York, PA 17402

    SMPS Central PA invites you to attend this full or half day training session with -


    MORNING SESSION -includes Networking Breakfast AND Networking Lunch!

    "The Essentials of Writing with Grace and The Human Connection!"

    Are you struggling with a cover letter? Do you need to communicate complicated information to your staff? Want to get your boss on board with your new project? As marketers, our writing needs to be organized, persuasive and effective. But most important, our writing should be less about “us” and more about the reader. We’ll begin your Graceworks workshop with a chat about “writing with grace” and how you can apply this concept to all your writing. Then, we’ll explore tips and templates for different types of writing to help you quickly organize information, making your writing process easier and faster! We’ll talk about:

    • Effective Emails
    • Better Cover Letters
    • The Informational Pattern
    • The Problem-Solution Persuasive Pattern
    • Reader-Friendly Technical Procedures


    AFTERNOON SESSION -includes Networking Lunch AND Afternoon Garden Break Refreshments!

    "Bring Your Presentations to Life!"

    Want to raise your shortlist interview hit rate? Want to command the room as you share your vision with your colleagues?  Want more confidence when you speak in public? Strengthen your presentation skills in this fun, highly interactive Graceworks workshop. Through teaching/discussion, theater games and exercises, and individual coaching opportunities, you will learn to:

    • Connect with your audience, large or small
    • Identify & drop nervous habits
    • Experience freedom & self confidence as a presenter
    • Simplify & strengthen your message
    • Make technical material interesting
    • Prepare & practice your material


    You’ll learn more than just public speaking skills. These principles apply to all types of interpersonal communication — from one-on-one and team meetings to networking/social events and phone calls/conference calls. Finally, due to our interactive approach, this teaching goes well beyond intellectual understanding. You will actually experience the presentation/ communication principles being taught.

    Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

    Registration & Networking Breakfast 
    8:00am - 9:30am

    "The Essentials of Writing with Grace and The Human Connection!" 
    9:30am - 12:00pm

    Networking Lunch
    12:00pm - 1:00pm

    "Bring Your Presentations to Life!" 
    1:00pm - 5:00pm


    Jen Hebblethwaite, Senior Vice President & Champion of All Things Grace, heads up Graceworks Atlanta office. From commercial real estate to coaching Atlanta’s finest Men in Blue at the Forest Park Police Department, Jen is an experienced corporate trainer. She’s spent 10 years as a Teaching Artist for a Tony Award-winning theatre and has taught everything from playwriting to MBA Leadership/Communication on an undergraduate and graduate level. Jen is foremost a compassionate coach and trainer, but as our rogue academic, Jen also gets excited about things like semantics and semicolons. She leads our fun, interactive Gracewriting® program. Finally, Jen is trained in Whole Brain® Thinking, which is designed to use every last brain cell. Jen’s teaching style is big and bold, and she can’t wait to help you help your readers and listeners! 


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    $125.00 FULL DAY TRAINING - SMPS CPA - Member (includes Breakfast & Lunch)

    $125.00 FULL DAY TRAINING - AIA Member / SMPS other Chapter Member (includes Breakfast & Lunch)

    $175.00 FULL DAY TRAINING - Non-Member - (includes Breakfast & Lunch)

    $85.00 MORNING SESSION ONLY - SMPS CPA - Member (includes Breakfast & Lunch)

    $85.00 MORNING SESSION ONLY - AIA Member / SMPS other Chapter Member (includes Breakfast & Lunch)

    $135.00 MORNING SESSION ONLY - Non-Member (includes breakfast & lunch)

    $85.00 AFTERNOON SESSION ONLY - SMPS CPA - Member (includes Lunch)

    $85.00 AFTERNOON SESSION ONLY - AIA Member / SMPS other Chapter Member (includes Breakfast & Lunch)

    $135.00 AFTERNOON SESSION ONLY - Non-Member (includes Lunch)

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