Sponsor Spotlight

    Read about our sponsor spotlights for this quarter, MergedAnalytics and Print-O-Stat!



    MergedAnalytics is committed to helping B2B companies unveil and understand more about their customers and prospects needs.  With a combined 90 years of development, consulting, training, deployment and support, MergedAnalytics is proud to deliver intelligence to many industries, with a focus on the AEC vertical.

    ONLY 2% of people who click through any website identify themselves.  As a result you are missing countless opportunities to follow up with the other 98% of the people clicking through your site and posted URL's.  MergedAnalytics takes that mystery away by delivering actionable intelligence.


    MergedAnalytics generates leads and delivers actionable intelligence about a Company's customers, prospect and competitors by seeing which company names/contacts click though your site and/or the URL’s posted to social media sites and email campaigns. 

    MergedAnalytics helps Companies beat competitors to the sale.  Studies show that making contact earlier in the sales process wins more deals.  Bid on opportunities/projects before your competitors are even aware of them.

    MergedAnalytics helps build better sales pitches.  Understanding the specific content prospects are interested in is essential in crafting and improving your pitches.   Anticipate your prospects needs before you ever speak or present to them.

    MergedAnalytics delivers the COMPLETE Prospect/Customer Journey.  Customers will go through a series of steps and will have varying experiences at each step before they make the decision to use your product or service or your competitors.  Improve customer experience by understanding the complete journey from an initial click to their specific interests on your site and/or landing pages.

    MergedAnalytics helps measure social media success.  Fact: People prefer clicking/sharing visually appealing links, especially when the links are customized and shortened.  MergedAnalytics offers and onboard custom short URL generator that will help Create brand awareness, Track prospects/customer journey, Escort your prospects and customers, and Measure the success or short coming of a Social Media Campaign.  

    MergedAnalytics is proud to support SMPS Central PA both financially as a gold sponsor and through active employee involvement in the chapter. For more information about MergedAnalytics, please visit mergedanalytics.com



    Since 1954, Print-O-Stat has been the leading solution provider of products and services for a variety of businesses and industries including construction, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, design, as well as retail consumers. Print-O-Stat specializes in guiding information of all types through its lifecycle — whether in the acquisition, planning, creating, printing, distributing or management phases. Print-O-Stat’s divisions which include Geospatial and Design Software Solutions, Wide Format Machine Sales and Service, and Printing and Archiving Services, ensure that you have a team of experts at your disposal to move your project from concept to completion. Whether it is as simple as print copies or as technical as software, we strive to be your solutions partner.

    Thank you to our 2019-2020 Annual Sponsors!