Roles and Responsibilities


The treasurer is primarily responsible for accurate and timely keeping and reporting of financial activities of the chapter. The treasurer also serves on the executive committee of the Chapter

Treasurer Tasks:

  • Attend all program meetings

  • Maintains knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives

  • Manages the board’s review of and action related to the board’s financial responsibilities

  • Ensures that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis

  • Presents the annual budget to the board for approval

  • Reviews the annual audit and answer board members’ questions about the audit

  • Prepares and ensures timely filings of IRS tax forms/reports

  • Prepares and files SMPS Headquarter’s chapter financial report, due September 30.



The secretary serves as the recorder for the chapter and ensures minutes are taken, recorded, and distributed at all board and executive committee meetings. The secretary is responsible for the chapter’s bylaws.  The secretary also serves on the executive committee of the chapter.

Secretary Tasks:

  • Attend all board meetings

  • Prepare/distribute minutes for each board meeting within one week of meeting

    • Include Action Items at end

    • Follow up with board members re: Action Items one week prior to meetings for status updates; inform the President

  • Develop board meeting agenda with input from President and distribute Monday before each meeting

  • Maintain document with “lessons learned” from past events; include information in meeting minutes also

  • Maintain/distribute Board and Committee contact list

  • Maintain Archives



The Program Chair is responsible for planning and implementing all chapter programs that covers Professional Development, Business Development and Special Events. The Programs Committee offers the benefit of direct contact with clients and potential clients through requests for speakers and program planning, as well as the opportunity to drive the industry knowledge that is presented for the A/E/C representatives that attend our events.

Programs Chair Tasks:

  • Attend all program meetings

  • Plans and chairs all program planning meetings

  • Drafts a budget and conceptual plan of programming initiatives for the upcoming year

  • Secures or oversees planning for chapter programs which include location, speakers, food, handouts, audio-visual, etc.

  • Oversees program announcements and ensures timely marketing of each program

  • Works closely with Education Chair to ensure that local programming and education requirements are met



The Membership Chair serves as the contact to SMPS Headquarters on all issues related to membership and is responsible for the recruitment and retention of SMPS chapter members.

Membership Chair Tasks:

  • Attend all board meetings

  • Drafts a budget and conceptual plan of membership initiatives for the upcoming year

  • Provides membership information to prospective members

  • Coordinates communication with members and prospects

  • Conducts new member orientation

  • Organize membership campaigns

  • Tracks membership expirations, new members, renewals, and drops through the SMPS Extranet for chapter leaders

  • Works with SMPS Headquarters in efforts of renewals and new memberships



The Education Committee strives to provide educational, professional, and personal development opportunities through a variety of events and formats. Education topics and learning/implementation tools are defined by the Six Domains of Practice:  Marketing Research, Marketing Plan, Client/Business Development, SOQs/Proposals, Promotional Activity, and Information, Resource and Organizational Management.

Education Chair Tasks:

  • Attend all program meetings

  • Prepare evaluations for each event and tally (SFE)

  • Prepare CPSM CEU forms for each event & submit to Headquarters

  • Post evaluation form and CPSM CEU form to

  • Prepares, distributes and summarizes program evaluations for each educational event

  • Oversees program announcements and ensures timely marketing of each event

  • Webinar Library

  • CPSM Mentoring Program

  • Annual Education Report to SMPS Headquarters

  • Post Education Report to



The Communications Committee is responsible for the public image of the chapter through the use of print, digital and social media. The committee publicizes information about upcoming programs and events, and maintains information about the chapter and its members through the website.  Major responsibilities include:  acting as a brand manager for the chapter, designing and producing all marketing materials, and promoting the chapter through media and digital communications

Communications Chair Tasks:

  • Appoint and chair communications committee

  • Design and distribute yearly program calendar (coordinate with programs committee)

  • Design and distribute monthly program announcements via e-blast and social media (coordinate with programs committee)

  • Design and distribute additional announcements as requested by board (new member event, baseball event, etc.)

  • Collect and develop newsletter content

  • General website updates

  • Maintain social media channels

    • Facebook

    • LinkedIn

    • Twitter

  • Coordinate photography for all program events

  • Post job listings

  • Develop and distribute press releases

  • Create member profiles

  • Develop meeting summaries



The Logistics Committee is responsible for obtaining the necessary venues, catering, equipment, etc. for all Programs and Special Events.

Logistic Committee Tasks:

  • Attend all program meetings

  • Coordinate venues

  • Gather pricing and availability information

  • Coordinate catering or food

  • Organize and secure A/V equipment

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